Our Heart, Our History

Our Heart

After our establishment approximately 140 years ago, following the flow of the world, our style of business has continued to change with the times, from "Exporting decorated Western-style ceramics", "Managing ceramics stores abroad", "Department store wholesale", to "Business in restaurant inventory and sales". Among all of this, our origin has always been "Japan's treasure: a love for ceramics".Ceramic is something that people have used since primeval times, a very familiar tool. The quality and amount of ceramics produced in Japan is the top in the world, so much so that Japan is called the "King of Ceramics".
We do business every day feeling the joy and gratification of being able to deal with ceramics in such a country.

We handle the ceramics, which have been carefully and wholeheartedly made based on a long tradition, with great care. We believe in dinnerware that is functional for your table, high-quality, and makes everyday life radiant.

We also aid customers by combining materials other than ceramics to propose new lifestyles and create a fun shop environment.
"Japan's treasure: making ceramics more refined, more beautiful." We will continue to create this ideal together with special contract factories and potteries in various regions.
We will continue to provide support in the form of ceramic dinnerware as an important tool to aid in the prosperity of your shop.
We are a convenient ceramics wholesaler for professional chefs.

A Brief history

The founder, Manjiro Takito, established a ceramics trading company called the Social Trading Company in the Yokohama area.
Takito Trading Company was established in Chojamachi, Nagoya, and a factory that produced decorated Western-style ceramics was opened in Kamichayamachi.
Eastern (Gofukubashi), Western (Shichikencho), and Central factories were established, and thrived in producing duplicates of Imari and KoKutari ware.
Our company represented Japan at the World's Fair: Colombian Exposition.
Jisaburo Takito became Manjiro's successor.
Taiyo Trading, a company that imports and sells tableware within the United States, was established in New York.
After this, the company was renamed Taiyo Boeki, and opened up in New York's 5th Avenue.
Further branches were opened in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and São Paulo, Brazil.
Visited Europe for the Paris Exhibition with the founder of Fukagawa Seiji, Tadaharu Fukagawa and Arita, and for half a year was the record holder for number of roundtrips made to the Pacific.
During a time when Japan-American relations were sour, offices in America closed down one after the other, and were then established in Shanghai, Hankou, Nanjing (foreign trade in Central China).
Outbreak of the Pacific War, World War Two
Shiro Takito became the newly appointed head of Takito Trading Company's Tokyo branch in Shibuya.
The company was then renamed and established as Takito Tradings Co. Ltd.
Japan Tohsai Co. Ltd. was established as a buying-in company working in collaboration with 15 other companies within Japan.
Distribution center moved from Oppama, Yokosuka city to Maginu, Kawasaki city.
Company name changed to Table Studio Co. Ltd.
Gen-emon Shop is opened in Shibuya Tokyu Department Store.
Hisao Takito was appointed as company president.